Eating Like Usagi: Sailor Moon Inspired Food at Universal Studios Japan 2018

As part of its ‘Universal Cool Japan’ 2018 programme (January 19th – September 30th 2018), Universal Studios Japan in Osaka has put the spotlight on Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the classic 1990s anime series with a global fan base that aired in more than 40 countries.

The world class amusement park is offering limited edition merchandise, photo opportunities, a 4D ride called ‘Sailor Moon The Miracle 4D’, and importantly plenty of fun, magical girl themed food!

Sailor-Moon Popcorn Bucket


Much like in the Tokyo Disney Parks, Universal Studios Japan offers collectible character popcorn buckets. Ordinarily these popcorn buckets are shaped after popular characters based off of TV shows and movies such as Sesame Street and Minions. However, as part of the ‘Universal Cool Japan’ programme, Universal Studios has temporarily expanded this to the realm of anime, with a Sailor Moon themed popcorn bucket, and yes it’s as cute as you’d imagine it to be! At a special Sailor Moon themed popcorn stand situated outside the 4D Theatre, I eagerly lined up to buy one of these utterly adorable buckets.


The popcorn bucket is designed to look like a purse with accents inspired by Sailor Moon’s iconic sailor style blue collar, white blouse, red bow, and pink and gold crystal star brooch as the faux clasp. The popcorn case can be worn with a strap patterned with Sailor Moon artifacts, and can be opened at the back to allow easy access to the popcorn. The Sailor Moon Popcorn Bucket is ¥3,200 and can be refilled with popcorn for ¥780 yen (full size) and ¥450 (half size).


At the Hollywood Boulangerie a range of Sailor Moon inspired food is being served. The restaurant is an enjoyable place to dine with French café style interiors and friendly staff. Ordering off the menu is breeze even without Japanese ability with the use of letters for each set A, B, C, and D.

There are four items on the menu:  Sailor Moon Café Plate (Crescent Moon Bread, Luna’s Corn Soup, Grapefruit and Shrimp Salad) ¥1,490, Sailor Moon Drink (Strawberry & Lemon Soda) ¥580, Sailor Moon Compact Cake (Rare Strawberry Cheesecake) ¥800, and Moon Prism Power Cake (Pineapple, Pistachio, Berry) ¥800.

Sailor Moon Café Plate


The Sailor Moon Café Plate was the largest meal on offer, which consisted of crescent moon shaped bread, shrimp salad with grapefruit dressing, and Luna corn soup. The crescent bread was delicious and crisp, tasting fresh and toasty like a French croissant. The shrimp salad with grapefruit dressing was a little too sour for my taste but the vegetables tasted really fresh. The Luna Corn Soup was really creamy, and the Luna shaped crouton was a cute, crispy addition. It perhaps wasn’t the most filling of meals, but I had a lot of fun eating it!

Sailor Moon Drink


The Sailor Moon Drink was cutely presented in a goblet shaped plastic cup with a cute cardboard cut out Sailor Moon collar and bow tied around it. The strawberry and lemon soda drink was really refreshing and deliciously sweet with tiny fruity jelly balls, which reminded me of bubble tea.

Sailor Moon Compact Cake


While I enjoyed the savoury dishes, the Sailor Moon sweets were the real standouts. On presentation alone these cakes were utterly mesmerising. The compact cake cutely mimicked the crystal star compact Usagi uses to transform into Sailor Moon. The cake looked kind of like bagel or a donut, with a round shape and hole in the middle.

The cake was actually what is known as rare cheesecake, a.k.a ‘no-bake cheesecake’, a Japanese variation of cheesecake which mixes cream cheese and heavy cream with gelatin and is set in the refrigerator.

The cake on the bottom layer was sticky and sweet. The cream and strawberry filling inside tasted really fresh. The top layer of cake was very sweet, soft, and berry tasting. The cake was topped with tiny candy balls, a star made out of fondant icing, and topped with a glacé cherry.  This cake was definitely for those with a sweet tooth!

Moon Prism Power Cake


If you’re not a fan of really sweet things you might have preferred the Moon Prism Power Cake. This was my favourite of the two cakes as it had a variety of flavours. The cake came layered with three flavours: pineapple, pistachio, and berry, which you could distinctively taste. The cake was also covered in chocolate and sprinkles on the back. The cake was topped with a piece of thin white chocolate with Sailor Moon’s silhouette, a crescent moon, and some squirts of creamy icing.

Luna P Small Candy Case


Before entering the park, visitors can purchase special tickets for the Sailor Moon experiences. I bought a Sailor Moon Standard Package online (¥2,478), which gave me faster access to the Sailor Moon ride and a souvenir Luna P Small Candy Case. The dark purple case filled with heart shaped candy was really cute and shaped like Chibi’s Luna P Ball. This could be picked up at the Benefit Exchange Counter on the side of Stage 22.

As an avid Sailor Moon fan it was so amazing to be able to enjoy this beloved anime at one of Japan’s most famous amusement parks. The attention to detail with the food experiences and all the other Sailor Moon exclusives of the park really blew me away. Unfortunately this event is for a limited time only and ends on September 30, so if you’re in Osaka definitely pay the park a visit and let your inner Usagi pig out!

This article focuses on the Sailor Moon themed food at Universal Studios Japan as part of the ‘Universal Cool Japan’ 2018 programme. To find out more about limited edition merchandise, fun photo opportunities, and the ‘Sailor Moon the Miracle 4D’ ride visit my post here. Warning***SPOILERS ahead about the ride!


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